Air France Airbus A380 Auction

On November 20 Air France plans to auction 380 seats on two inaugural flights of the Airbus A380 from Paris to New York and from New York to Paris on Nov 21.

The auction will take place online on the airline’s website in October. The date is to be announced. Winners will travel outbound on an A380 and return on another commercial flight. Proceeds will be donated to three Air France Foundation charities working on children’s issues in France, South Africa, and India.

Regular commercial operation on the Paris-New York route on begin on November 23. Routes to open later include Paris-Dubai and Paris-Tokyo.

The airline has ordered 12 super wide-bodies Airbus 380’s, each able to carry up to 538 passengers over a maximum distance of 8,078 miles.

For updates, visit Air France’s web page on the inauguaral A380 flights and auction.