New Iphone App For News on The Go

Fluent News, launched this summer, has created the first IPhone app to stay updated on the latest news without an internet connection. The first iPhone/iPod Touch app to aggregate exclusively made-for-mobile content from the most trusted news sources across the Web into a single, easy-to-read and up-to-the-minute mobile newspaper. What’s great about Fluent News is that travelers can access full articles even when an internet connection is unavailable – perfect for plane rides. With unprecedented speed, Fluent News displays complete articles without load-time delays and all content from your latest sync is available for offline reading at anytime. Also, Fluent’s interface organizes content intelligently, grouping similar stories together, which provides breadth of news as well as one-click access to broader coverage of any single story. With more flights and hotels offering Wi-Fi, you need just a few minutes of internet access to sync the latest news across all sections, post articles to Facebook/Twitter or share email links with friends.

Fluent News is the fastest way to read news on-the-go and available free-of-charge from Apple’s App Store on the iPhone or at For non-iPhone users, you can follow the latest news anywhere you are via Twitter by following @FluentNews.