Fresh Food, Green Ingredients, Local Festivals: Culinary Germany prepares to go green. 

Hamburg sets its sights on a more sustainable future. Being selected as the European Green Capital for 2011 has prompted a broad range of measures to further the progress of sustainable development in the city and combat the effects of climate change.

Colorful food markets and festivals are an unusual and yummy way to plan a trip to Germany. One gets a real “taste” of the local scene and culture, not to mention of the regional food. Local dialects, costumes and delectable dishes, create unique experiences and often for very little Geld! Visitors also will see the extent to which organic food now supports the trend to eco-friendly and green menus.

Germany also boasts many different seasonal markets and festivals celebrating local products and delicacies from wine to asparagus. These festivals usually take place for several days and offer not only great food and drinks, but also local customs, music and handicrafts, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Weimar are some of the more popular markets.

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