Pet Only Airline: Pet Airways

Pet owners, fear no more, you can now transport your pets without the anxiety of injuring them on commercial flights.  July 14 America’s first pet only airline will open.  Pet Airways is an airline which specializes in making sure your pet is safe and comfortable, because there are no people to worry about! 

Pets will be flown in individual crates in lighted and pressurized plane cabins, with a human attendant checking them every 15 minutes. They’ll board, just like people, from their own airport lounges and get overnight lodging accommodations on long-haul flights. Their owners can track their whereabouts at all times online. They can even earn “pet points” as frequent fliers. 

However, because it is new, Pet Airways won’t solve every owner’s needs initially. It will serve only five U.S. destinations: Baltimore/Washington International Airport, plus non-commercial airports in the New York City area, and in Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. It’s catering to dogs and cats starting out. And it’ll fly each route once a week.

Pet Airways has its starting price at $149 each way.