Help Pass the Travel Promotions Act to Benefit the US Economy and Public Diplomacy Efforts!

Starting as early as Wednesday, June 10 the U.S. Senate is expected to bring the Travel Promotion Act to the floor for debate. This is an enormous opportunity for our industry and a test of our resolve to stand up for travel and play a greater role in Washington.

Overseas travel to the United States was down eight percent in 2007 compared to 2000 (Dept. of Commerce).  In contrast, the global overseas travel market grew nearly 30 percent, amounting to 35 million new travelers.  

 Welcoming More Visitors is Critical to America’s Economy and Public Diplomacy Efforts.   Losing travelers also means missing an opportunity to win hearts and minds as those who have visited the United States are 74 percent more likely to have a favorable opinion of the country than those who have not 

The Travel Promotion Act will for the first time create a public-private partnership to promote travel to the United States, and help us compete with other countries by sending more welcoming messages to our friends around the world. And it will be done at no cost to American taxpayers.

Senate passage has the potential to fast-track the bill to enactment. President Obama, a co-sponsor of the bill last year, has shown support for the bill and will likely sign it if it reaches his desk.

 Please help pass the Travel Promotion Act by urging your senators to vote in favor of the legislation! Listed below are links to get you started.

Make a phone call to your senator….Senator contact link

Write a letter to your senator

Travel Promotion Act talking points