Airlines Cut Down Seating Space, Adding More Seats

Recenly, commercial airlines have made the decision to add 10-12 more seats to their 737-800 airliner cabins.  Think that’s not that bad? Well, the cabins remain the same size, cutting down seat space from about 34 inches down to 31 inches.

American Airlines 737-800 flights are adding 12 more coach seats, pushing the total number to 160 seats.  Delta Airlines has added 10 seats to their 737-800’s also putting their total at 160, along with Continental Airlines. 

Have you wondered why some carriers have stopped serving free meals? Airlines have begun to take out food galleys and started replacing them with more seats; same with bathrooms.  Some airlines have cut down the amount of bathrooms needed in order to add seats, however, with the increasing number of passengers, more facilities are necessary!

Exit rows will till have about the same amount of leg room, 39-40 inches, but “bulkhead” seats, the seats in the first row of the coach cabin, will not be as roomy. 

Airlines are claiming that the new slimmer seats they are using free up space for adding more seats.  But why not give the extra space to passengers who are already paying enough for the tiny space they are getting?