Four Ways To Sound Like a Jerk in Your Travel Writing

Let’s face it: travel writers have a really cool job. They visit charming and exotic locales, meet interesting people, and report their findings back to other world travelers (and those of us who dream of becoming world travelers.)

However, there are certain travel writers that need to be served a hefty slice of humble pie before anyone can truly enjoy their accounts of homespun fun and faraway adventures.

In order to keep travel articles fun for both the writer and the readers, The Travel Notebook has published “Four Ways to Sound like a Jerk in Your Travel Writing (and How To Avoid Them).”

  1. You may be multilingual, but your readers probably are not.  Don’t repeatedly use foreign words throughout your article.
  2. Using big words will not impress your readers. In fact, it will probably confuse them.  If you must use the occasion “five-dollar word,” use it in unexpected contexts.
  3. When writing about one location, don’t go off on a tangent about your other world travels, showoff. Keep the focus on the location about which your readers came to learn.
  4. Talk about what you enjoyed, but don’t spend the entire article describing yourself. If you do discuss your own attributes, it should be in a humble way that makes a valid point about the area in which you are traveling.