Eight Summer Travel Trends

SmarterTravel.com has posted eight new travel trends for Summer 2009. They believe these travel and vacation routes will optimize savings while returning to previous travel trends.

1.    Air-and-Hotel Deals – Travel booking websites and airlines alike offer air and hotel vacation packages that save travelers time and money, making it a sure bet during the economic downturn.
2.    All-Inclusive Resorts – When you pay for your hotel, meals, and activities all at once, your can assure trips are within your budget and there will be no surprise expenses later! Check out VacationOutlet.com
3.    Family Travel – With free or nearly free activities for children popping up all over the globe, 2009 is a better time than ever to travel in a more family-friendly environment, especially in major U.S. cities.
4.    Flashpacking – This term refers to backpacking trips with minimalist transportation expenses and a little more money spent on budget hotel stays.
5.    Great Exchange Rates – Even with the economy in a rut, the U.S. still has fantastic exchange rates. The British pound is down to $1.45 for the first time in years and other great deals can be found in Canada, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
6.    National Parks – There’s a national park in driving distance from almost every home. Add that up with great deals at major national parks and you’ve got vacations galore. Check out the National Park Service website for promotions.
7.    “Repeat” Vacations – People who want to guarantee a great trip will hark back to vacation spots of years past, enforcing the popularity of theme park and beach vacations.
8.    Road Trips – Gas prices have dropped. Rental car companies are offering great deals for the summer. Websites such as BedandBreakfast.com are offering exclusive discounts to road trip travelers. What’s not to love?