Top 10 iPod and iPhone Travel Apps

Putting loads of information and style conveniently at your fingertips, the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch are the latest trend in technology. However, the products are most than just a high-style toy.

Travel Overseas has listed the top ten applications available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, making them a supreme travel mate and the perfect tool to help squeeze you out of a travel dilemma.

WCities – This one app offers mini-guides to over 1,900 cities with the option of personalizing your plans as you go.
Worldview – Choose your location, check out the webcams available there, and monitor the look of your favorite places!
Near+Now – This app shows users all the details on the local nightlife from culbs to bars to restaurants.
My Urban Sherpa – Features up-to-date information on restaurants, shops, and attractions for those of us who don’t want to flip through a guidebook.
Currency Converter – Get the conversion rates ad fees between over 200 different currencies.
FlightCheck – Keeps track of all flights throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and New Zealand.
Tranquil Alarm – If you don’t want to wake to loud beeping noises, download this app so you can awake to the peaceful sounds of nature or a personal recording.
Travelocity – Want to spontaneously extend your trip? Access this travel planning website and book a flight or hotel!
Talking iPhone Translator – This foreign language phrase book will translate text aloud in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek so you’ll know exactly how to pronounce it.
WeatherOnline – The app offers detailed weather maps and 1 to 12 day weather forecasts.

The best part of it all? Most of these apps are 100 percent free!