RyanAir: Gotta Go? Gotta Pay!

Just when you thought airline fees couldn’t get any more outrageous, RyanAir CEO Michael O’Leary has proposed a fee for in-flight toilet usage.

O’Leary has discussed charging passengers one British pound, roughly $1.41, via a coin slot in the restroom doors to use the facilities. He claims that charging a British pound shouldn’t be a problem for passengers despite the fact that RyanAir travels to and from destinations throughout Europe, where the less profitable Euro is the popular currency.

In the past, RyanAir was among the first companies to charge excess fees for checked luggage, use of self check-in desks, and online booking. Last month, the airline introduced a €30 charge for a second carry-on, even if it is a small purse or shopping bag.

According to O’Leary’s spokesman, Stephen McNamara, there are no immediate plans to introduce the fee.