Pink Slip Travel Trends

The pink slip is the new giveaway entry.

With an unsettling amount of jobs cuts over the past several months, a new trend has popped up in the travel industry. Companies are beginning to open up contests and reimbursement offers exclusively for Americans that have been laid off in recent months.

At The Rabbit Hill Inn in Waterford, Vt., six getaways trips will be given away to the unemployed between April and July. The Alexander Inn in Philadelphia, Penn. is booking a portion of their rooms for $1 on Thursday – Sunday until mid-June.

At participating locations including those in Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, visitors to the Wyndham Hotels chain will receive two free nights and $100 toward food and refreshments after booking a two-night stay.

JetBlue and Norwegian Cruise Lines are among the companies offering new reassurance programs for travelers, but they come with a catch. JetBlue will refund airfare to customers who receive or received a pink slip between February 17 and June 1, if they request the refund at least two weeks before the flight. Norwegian Cruise Lines will provide reimbursement on all cruises after May 1, but only if you pay the $29 BookSafe Travel Protection Plan fee while making the original arrangements.

Source: The Lowell Sun, MSNBC