International Visitation to U.S. on the Rise

In 2000, American tourism hit an all-time record.

In post 9/11 America, tourist rates fell to an abysmal level.

After a steady climb, international tourism in the United States was high-flying once again in 2008 with roughly 58 million international guests, landing just over two percent shy of the record in 2000. This is a 33 percent increase from 2003, the year that saw the most significant lull in tourism since the turn of the 21st century.

The largest percentage of travelers came to America from Western European nations, who accounted for 48 percent of all tourism. An increase in tourists from Canada, South America, and Oceania can also be thanked for the high rates.

The only anomaly in the optimistic international visitation patterns came as the economy began to sink in the fourth quarter of 2008, leaving December 2008 with seven percent less tourism than in December 2007.

Source: TravelMole