Discounts for AKC Registered Dog Owners

If your dog is one of the millions registered with the American Kennel Club, traveling with Fido may no longer be the expensive, daunting challenge you once encountered.

The American Kennel Club and Motel 6 have announced a new partnership which offers a 10 percent discount to the owners of AKC registered dogs in all Motel 6 and Studio 6 rooms throughout the US and Canada year-round, even if owners are not traveling to AKC events. Though the Motel 6 chain has welcomed pets in their locations for years, many hotels in the US are not animal-friendly, which has posed a problem for AKC competitors in the past.

To activate the discount, AKC registrants must go type in the access code CP542764 at or CP542765 visit while booking their room reservation.

In a recent press release, Dennis Sprung, president and CEO of the AKC said that the partnership and subsequent discount came about as an effort to keep dog owners traveling to the AKC’s roughly 20,000 yearly events in spite of the harsh economy.