Airlines Optimistic for 2009

The cost of airfare plunged after flight bookings flailed in January. February bookings improved, but Spring Break travel in March was still disappointing. Despite this, the American Airline Industry says these results are better than they had expected.

So this mean that the unreal airfare deals will last though the next quarter, right? Wrong!

The Wall Street Journal says airfare costs are on the rise just as travelers are getting used to the idea of airline deals, in time for bookings to begin for the Easter holiday and summer vacation season.

In the article, representatives from US Airways and JetBlue both predicted a dramatic upturn in airline travelers similar to last year’s numbers in spite of the economy. They claim that the majority of dissipating airline sales has been due to the lack of business travel rather than a lack of leisure travelers.

Between new baggage fees and “ancillary revenue initiatives,” some airlines are even hoping to profit in 2009.