Top 5 Family Travel Blogs

Traveling with children isn’t always an easy task. To help parents through the journey, Nile Guide has compiled a list of the Top 5 Family Travel Blogs, compiled by some of the more travel-savvy moms and dads of the world

    Traveling Mamas – From the best places to travel with your family to the best places to travel to take a break from them, the ladies from Travel Mamas give readers the lowdown on all of their options. They’ve also got plenty of tips on how to travel with your brood, such as how to get through airport security quickly.

    2. Delicious Baby – Let’s face it: Family travel isn’t always a joy. That’s why Debbie Dubrow’s Delicious Baby blog focuses on actually making family travel fun for everyone involved. With advice, tips, and children’s travel product reviews, the blog aims to take the stress out of traveling with young children.

    3. – With the tourism industry offering special family offers and packages galore, parents can depend on’s News and Deals Blog to showcase the best deals and point out the offers that aren’t really “deals” at all. They’re also taking caring of families in these hard economic times with a blog series called Recession Travel Rules.

    4. Travel Savvy Mom – These moms take are taking a stance on the finer points of travel, like the best methods to prepare children for travel and keep them excited throughout the experience without driving mom and dad insane. The blog is especially handy at reviewing venues meant especially for children, just to see how parent-friendly they are.

    5. Outdoor Baby – Taking kids to cushy resorts and family-oriented events is one thing, but trekking with them through the great outdoors is a completely different beast. Outdoor Baby offers a complete look at the best and worst outdoor spots and helpful hints for adventurers with mini-adventurers at their sides.