The Cacao Pearl: World’s First Non-Profit Eco-Resort

Slowly but surely, people are starting to take the natural world into account and take more eco-friendly steps during their day. Then along comes vacation time and many of those habits are pushed aside.

Now, Cacao Resorts is offering travelers both luxury and sustainability in The Cacao Pearl: the world’s finest eco-friendly resort. Located on a 124-acre private island at the northern point of the Palawan Biosphere Reserve in the Philippines, The Cacao Pearl will function as a non-profit eco-resort, with all money generated going toward environmental protection and social improvements.

Using initial investments to purchase eco-friendly material and replenish the environment impacted by their use, The Cacao Pearl looks to off-set the carbon footprint of both employees and visitors via zero carbon cost homes, organic gardens, restaurant and bar. Other perks will include an infinity pool, wreck and reef diving, a destination spa, and more.

The eco-resort is due for a 2010 opening and plans to offer guests a unique experience with personal hosts and personal chefs all within a short distance of two UNESCO heritage sites and four marine reserves already established in Palawan, Philippines.

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