The Number One Honeymoon Search Term: Costa Rica

honeymoon destinationHoneymoon in Fiji.
Where do people want to go for their honeymoons?  According to Brittany at AOL Travel, Costa Rica tops the list of the search terms used in honeymoon investigations.

“Only two domestic honeymoons made it on our list. Number four, Hawaii, is especially popular for Maui honeymoons. But of all the cities in the U.S., I did not expect Gatlinburg, Tennessee to make it to our top ten most searched list. The quaint city is nestled on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a beautiful place to visit during the changing fall foliage. A Gatlinburg honeymoon is ideal for adventurous couples who want to ski or white water raft during the day and then nestle away in a chalet or secluded cabin at night.

Couples in ‘amore’ enjoy the sophistication of the third most searched . Trips to Italy are filled with delicious cuisine, intriguing artwork and breathtaking sights. Look into taking the train in order to get the full Italian experience, everything from Naples to Venice.

Top Searched Honeymoon Destinations on AOL Search:
1. Costa Rica Honeymoon
2. Guatemala Honeymoon
3. Italy Honeymoon
4. Hawaii Honeymoon
5. Bahamas Honeymoon
6. Mauritius Honeymoon
7. Caribbean Honeymoon
8. Bora Bora Honeymoon
9. Cancun Honeymoon
10. Gatlinburg Honeymoon