Tourism Slogans that May Do More Harm than Good

A tourism slogan at worst should do not harm, that is it should not stop people from coming. But adverting being what it is, there are a lot of self-inflicted wounds out there! With the tourism market in tailspin over low dollar value and high oil costs, we thought it was good idea to see just how bad advertising can get!

So here it is the 2008 Worst tourism slogans in the world!

Colombia: The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay.

Wow, reinforce all my fears!!

Hawaii We Promise You A Vacation Unlike Any You Can Imagine

Ummm so is that good?

New Jersey: We’ll Win You Over

So, you know then that I did not want to go??

Spain: Smile your are in Spain

But I am not in Spain when I read the ads, so what is it a metaphysical trip?

New Hampshire: You are Going to Lover here

Lover what? It could be anywhere, vanilla must be their fav flavor!!

Delaware: it is good being first

Huh? What? Who? Sounds naughty?

Experience Haiti.

It is unique and fascinating, it has personality and character. Well let’s go then!!

Albania: A new Mediterranean to love

Oh, so they stopped shooting!

Thanks to Jimbo for sharing this with Travel News Notes.