Johnny Jet Takes a Ride on the A380

Johnny Jet, my West coast traveling pal, just took a ride on the new Emirates A380 jet from Airbus, the newest, coolest and biggest plane in the skies. His report gave an inside look at this new plane that I am eager to fly on myself.

One feature of the A380 is a ‘tail camera’ that provides an eagle’s eye view of the back of the runway when taking off. Other features that caught Johnny’s eye were a universal electric outlet in every economy seatback and even a USB port so you can view your own photos while in the air!

The take-off noise, Jet reports, is much quieter than a regular jet, and they use less fuel than a 747. Once the giant plane was aloft, thse journalists were told to mingle and those in economy got a chance to walk through first and business class. You can bet that Johnny was on that quick, as he loves his business class. And the big new jet didn’t disappoint. He said the entertainment system and the 17″ flat screen TV were the best he’s seen, but didn’t get a chance to fiddle with it because he had to move along.

After business, there was just one more treat–the $18,000 first class cabins with beds and even doors that close.  Here he found a minibar–one for each suite, and 23″ plasma TVs and in-seat massage. The best part of sitting here? You can reserve time in a first-class spa and even take a 5-minute hot shower!