Good News for People Who Make Laptop Bags

Road warriors got a little bit of good news from the TSA last week. Now you can bring your laptop through security without taking it out of its bag. But it’s gotta be a special kind of laptop bag…one that is ‘butterfly style,’ trifold style, or the simple sleeve style.  If your bag is an accordian or a backpack, you’re still gonna have to take them out and put them all by themselves in one of those plastic bins.

The only people who will really benefit are the makers of various kinds of bags that people will now flock to buy thinking it will save them time. Blogger Jen Leo of the Daily Travel and Deal Blog of the LA Times say will still stick her 13″ Macbook in her padded bag with all of her cords etc, but now won’t have to take off the snazzy red reflective case that protects her precious computer. 

Another caveat that makes all of this much less of a bonus–you have to take the cord and any other peripherals out of the laptop bag. So big deal, right? I mean who doesn’t have a cord and other junk that goes with the laptop?