Drunken British Tourists Wreak Havoc in Crete

In today’s New York Times, young Britons were accused of being the scourge of many Greek and Spanish resort villages. It seems that drunken Brits who are lewd, crude and rude are getting injured, raped and behaving so badly that their hosts are threatening to stop allowing them to come for their holidays.

One British gal, 20, partied hardy with her sister and a friend and then returned to her hotel room in a Greek resort and gave birth. She said she didn’t even know she was pregnant.  The baby died and now she’s been arrested for infanticide.

So many Brits end up smashed up drunk in the village of Malia in Northern Crete that the mayor is calling for their government to do something. “These people are giving a bad name to their country.”

Why is this happening, and why are young British tourists such famous falling down drunks who get naked so quickly and so such nasty things in Greece and Spain? One Briton said it’s because of British culture, that does not allow them to relax. Local officials in Malia said it is the tour operators who offer things like $50 all-you-can-drink pub crawls that fuel ‘wild holidays in Malia.’

But Malia is fighting back. They now have 20 cops who patrol the 1000-foot long strip where the clubs catering to tourists are located, who break up fights  and arrest the naughty Brits. One young tourist said he had a stressful job back home, and he liked to enjoy himself–and he loves a bargain.” Oh, so that explains it.