If You Want a Real Treat, Try a Fish Spa

In our continuing effort to provide research for travelers, the APR blog presents some new and exciting news for travelers looking for ‘the next big thing.’ How about a fish spa?

You’ve never heard of this? Well, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I flew today, our guide told us that she does this about once a week. She visits the fifth floor of a shopping mall and dips her feet into a pool, where thousands of two-inch long ‘doctor fish’ nibble away at the dead skin, giving her a nice exfoliation without having to have another person touch her feet. Muslims are a litle touchy about being touched, and mixing male and female, so this sexually segregated girl’s getaway is just the ticket.

Many residents of Gulf states loving flying over to Kuala Lumpur to indulge in treats like this. They also like the fact that they can find swimming pools for women only, and hear airport announcements in Arabic. This large Islamic country caters to Arab tourists, and things like the fish spa are right up their alley. The company called Kenko also allows full immersion in the fish pool, in private, for women who want to exfoliate their entire bodies.

The KL airport is rated among the best in Asia, mostly because they offer many amenities like free Wi-Fi and prayer rooms for men and women.