Tips for Business: Use Airport Parking Reservations

Business Hacks David Goldberg recently published a glowing endorsement of APR. Here is what they said.

“Even if your parking bill is on the company’s dime, you still don’t want to spend precious pre-flight time trolling long-term lots looking for a space. So head over to to reserve an off-airport space (with anywhere from $10 to $15 down) at almost every major US airport beforehand.

While you can’t combine the discounted rate you get from Airport Parking Reservations with any other discount (like coupons and any cut you get from your AAA membership), it’s still pretty cheap, and the spot you reserve is almost always available. (You can even download an airport parking widget onto your desktop.)

Tom Lombardi, the president of the site, tells me that he’s also willing to negotiate even better rates for companies that use more than 100 parking days a month. If your company signs up with the site, Lombardi waves the $5 service fees for employees and clients, and allows you to cancel your spot up until the very last minute. (In order to get a full refund otherwise, you need to notify them a couple of days ahead of time.)