Sydney’s New Parking Rates Top NYC, London’s

If you think that airport parking is expensive in the US, try Sydney Australia, where it is a whopping double most US airport parking lot rates.

Macquarie Bank is opening up a $65 million parking station at the International Terminal, and to pay for it, they’ve scrapped the cheap long-term parking and putting all the cars in one eight-level facility. They have decided to end the free shuttle buses from the cheaper parking areas which will save $2 million a year and force travelers to use the higher priced lots.

People down under are angry over Macquarie Bank’s takeover of the parking at Sydney Airport that will see fees for car rental agencie’s single spaces leap to $18,000 annually. Now, rates are twice as high as JFK, ranging from $24 a day to $109 a week. Short-term rates at Sydney are up to $46 per day. That’s even higher than Heathrow, and few things are more expensive than just about anything in London, until now.