Fun Travel Companions

Michael Precker writes in the Dallas Morning News about some funny things that happened on flights last year.

Fun Travel Companions Department:

•A woman crossing from Egypt into the Gaza Strip was caught smuggling three 20-inch-long crocodiles strapped to her waist under a loose robe.

•A first-class passenger on a British Airways flight from India to England woke from a nap to find the corpse of a woman seated next to him. The airline said the woman died in the economy section, and the crew gave her an upgrade to allow the family some privacy.

•A man flying from Peru to New York hid a small monkey in his ponytail under a hat, but it crawled out during the flight.

•An Australian woman was sentenced to nine months of community service for smuggling protected fish from Asia in her dress. Customs officials at the Melbourne airport said they heard “flipping” noises under her clothes and found 15 plastic bags filled with water and fish.