Some Useful Travel Tidbits from a Man in Atlanta

In an unlikely place we find good advice for travelers in this age when many of us our cringing just thinking about taking another trip on a plane. Here is some advice from Lewis Walker, a Certified Financial Planner in Atlanta.

One tip I’ve taken many times. If you’re meeting a group, go ahead of time. That short little time before they all get there gives you a leg up, you know the area a little better and have some experiences to share when they get there.

He also suggests tagging one’s luggage with the name and address not of your home, but of your destination hotel. Putting your airline frequent flyer number and your cell number are two other good tips.

Consider renting a car for a long trip. The wear and tear on your own vehicle not to mention the gas, makes a fly and rent option better for anything close to long-haul than driving the whole way.

Finally, consider travel insurance from a company like Medjet, or MH Ross Insurance. They insure flight delays as well as catastrophic injuries or death, plus medical evacuation flights.