Rate Hike at Sacramento Airport Makes Reserving an Even Smarter Way to Go

In Sacramento, there are now a few good reasons to consider booking an off-airport parking space with Airport Parking Reservations. That’s because beginning July 1, parking rates are being increased $2-3 per day.

Officials tell the Sacramento Bee that the reason for the hikes is to finance the biggest expansion in airport history, including building a four-story central terminal and another multilevel garage.
So now, the cost at the Terminal A garage will be $15, up from $12 per day, and the surface lots at Terminal B will jump to $13 from $10. Even economy will see an increase, to $9 from $7 per day.

Officials in Sacramento are quick to point out that their rates are still lower than San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.

But the thing for you to know, dear readers, is that you can save money by visiting Airport Parking Reservations and reserving ahead in Sacramento.8:28 AM 4/3/2008