Training Across Europe at 200 mph

We interrupt this flight related blog time to present an alternative…the train! In today’s Wall St. Journal, Darren Everson writes about the giant resurgence in high speed rail. It’s catching on, said the story, because of air travel delays and the attraction of watching DVDs on a train going 200 miles an hour. And with legroom of 33″ versus the 30″ or less you’ll get in a Ryanair jet, it’s a comfy and sensible alternative.

“Spain, which is at the forefront of the rail boom, got high speed service connecting Madrid and Barcelona last month. The journey was slashed by two hours, now it takes just two hours to hop between cities. They’ve also cut down the time on the London-Brussels route by 20 minutes, and plan more than 5,300 miles of new high speed tracks in the years ahead.

Even if you decide to travel through Europe by rail, you will still have to park your car at the local airport. So next time, be smart, reserve your parking with Airport Parking Reservations!