More Ways to Get to a Place You Can’t Afford

Well, even though the dollar has never been at a lower point versus the Euro, think of the bright side. At least now there are many more ways to get over to Europe because of the Open Skies treaty that opened up both Europe’s and the US’s airports to more carriers.

Today’s Wall St. Journal described some of the new airports from which you can depart and get to Europe. Delta now has a nonstop from Denver to London, it’s on sale for just $285 each way. Delta will throw in 7500 bonus miles.

American has joined the fray of airlines who are increasingly using the renovated and expanded Heathrow in London instead of Gatwick. The biggest airline in the US is closing up Gatwick operations and moving its flights from Dallas and Raleigh NC to Heathrow. That is the biggest change, at one time few airlines could land at Heathrow but now, with the treaty passage, this has all changed and this is where more and more flights will land in England.