Virgin America Offers Cool and Groovy Flights

While visiting the Quebec City Winter Carnivale, on the 400th anniversary of this the first permanent settlement in North America, I glanced a catchy ad on my computer.

I was on the SF Gate website, that is a conglomeration of news about the Bay Area, and saw the ad. It said NO WAY! LAX-SF $49, and was in the jaunty red color of the parent company, Virgin Airways. It was for the new airline that has burst on the scene, Virgin America.

I took a little time to investigate their website, and typed in a search to find a fare between NYC and LAX. The site gave me a bunch of choices in the 300-400 dollar range, and then took me to a screen where I could pick my seat. In first class, the site told me, I can choose a massage chair.

The site made me want to fly this new airline, mostly because it seems so cool and well, groovy. I know that in business class they hand out very stylish black pajamas to passengers to keep, and I’m sure the swag is great in Virgin America’s first class cabin.

Sometimes the image that a website gives you can be a compelling sales message. In this case, I’m thinking of flying VA for my next cross country trip.