There’s Money To Be Made–Just Send in the Form

Have you ever looked at you bank account after you take a trip and spent money overseas? There are these little annoying fees that pop up, and they chip away your money for conversion fees. Well, there’s hope to those of us who are annoyed.

From Shelly Banjo of the Wall St. Journal comes this tip: You may be owed a refund if you used credit cards while traveling abroad.

“Payments are available under a proposed settlement of a federal class-action lawsuit involving currency conversion fees. You qualify if you made a transaction in a foreign currency on a US-issued Visa, Mastercard, or Diners Club credit, charge or Debit/ATM card between February 1996 and November 2008.

There are three ways eligible card holders can get refunds, the first is the easy way, (that’s the one I chose). You fill out a form and they send you the money, this is the best option for those who spent less than $2500.

But if you’re a bigger spender, and can provide statements about your overseas spending, you can get 1 percent back. To submit a claim go to or call 800-945-9890.