Ouch! A Sneaky Tax is Coming to Orlando

Ugh! For the millions of Americans who make the pilgrimage to Disney World, a rental car out of Orlando is de rigeur. But now it will cost more since officials at the airport have voted to add an additional tax on all rental cars.

A ‘Customer facility charge’ of $2.50 per day will be levied on up to five days of car rental fees, adding about $12.50 to each bill.

The tax supporters say it will raise money to help pay for big improvements at the airport, with more parking spaces, fueling stations and car-wash bays for the rental vehicles.

The tax could begin this summer, and there is a tiny silver lining here: officials say they hope to eliminate the tax within five to seven years, after the construction work is paid for.
We won’t hold our breath to see if this promise comes true.