Continental Will Give the ‘Net Away for Free in the Air

There is a growing wave that portends good thing for airline travelers. It’s the Wi-Fi in the sky wave, and it’s spreading to more and more carriers as 2008 unfolds. Just last week I read that Continental Airlines has partnered with a company to offer not only internet in the sky, but satellite TV entertainment to every seat in the plane.

The airline will offer 52 channels of television and entertainment in seatback screens and charge $6 to coach class passengers to enjoy it. In business class it will be free. One saving grace in Continental’s proposal is tha they will give everyone on the plane internet for free. Just bring your laptop.

Other carriers are getting into offering internet and email in the sky but they are all trying to charge various levels of fees. It’s like in Europe–the better and bigger the hotel, the more they try to soak you to use the ‘net. The cheaper, cooler hotels give it away, but the stodgy old guys always have some rip off scheme that costs too much.