Why Everybody Wants to Fix Your Airbus

I always dive into stories that have to do with planes. I like the whole arena, and the terminology that explains it. So naturally, I read the piece in the WSJ last week about new players coming in to the growing market for jet airliner repair and maintenance.

It’s big. Really big. The number of parts that today’s liners need and that wear out is why Luftansa, Boeing, Airbus and Dubai Aerospace are all building huge new facilities.

“If all the proposed…facilities are built, then there will be a global glut, let alone regional,’ says Bharat Malkani, chairman of the Mumbai-based Max Aerospace and Aviation, a maintenance company.

Dubai is charging ahead the hardest, they are creating a 56-square-mile area that will an airport and aviation center. The repair facility will be able to service up to 400 jetliners at once! They can even change the oil on Airbus’ biggest plane ever, the A380. Customers don’t mind having to fly all the way to Dubai for this great service, either. The jet centers in North America are old, antiquated, and just not up to the tasks and capability of what Dubai will offer soon.