If You’Don’t Tell Them What’s Going on, They Riot

Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines, which is 95% owned by Spain, is having a tough time down in Buenos Aires. They’ve got baggage handlers and ticket counter workers out on strike, which left passengers stranded and angry as nobody explained to the masses what was going on.

The headline on ETN Global Travel News said that a riot broke out after several thousand passengers trying to leave the country were unable to find out when they could leave. That’s what makes people riot, not the delay, it’s the uncertainty.

Nobody from the airline would show their face to tell them what would happen next. Mad passengers broke glasses of the Argentinean air carrier’s office, destroyed ticket counters and threw objects at flight personnel. “There’s no one from the company, no one is showing their face or telling us when we’re going to fly. We’re stranded with children and the elderly,” a female passenger with a canceled flight to Venezuela told BBC.