Biometrics Is the Key to Speeding Up Boarding Time

The future vision on air travel was outlined this morning on a website called Hi-Security. The story described a seamless integrated process to get passengers in and onto planes quickly and safely. It’s called Simplifying Passenger Travel.

“A passenger, upon arrival, uses a self-service check-in kiosk and presents their e-passport, credit card, or frequent flyer card for identification.

The passenger is then required to verify their identity using a biometric scanning device, face or fingerprint recognition. A boarding token is issued which is used as a boarding pass. A bag tag is also issued which the passenger attaches to their baggage before dropping it at a designated area.

The passenger then proceeds to the restricted area for immigration processing and security screening. At border control, a biometric-based passport system speeds up the process. The security screening will be conducted at the agreed minimum international standards.

The passenger then proceeds to the boarding gate and is required to verify their identity with a biometric recognition system.

Upon arrival at their destination, the passenger reaches the arrival gate and authenticates their identity again using a biometric reader. The passenger’s information is sent to border control and security control to facilitate intervention if required. Otherwise, the passenger may collect their baggage and exit the airport.

The process is a vision that will significantly increase passenger convenience and comfort.”