Sweden and New Jersey Boast Easy Ways to Get to the Airport

It’s always nice to see how the rest of the world manages to get to their airports, park their cars and travel on airplanes. This week the APR blog is visiting Sweden, and we left Stockholm today to fly to Malmo, on the coast near Copenhagen. Getting to the airport in Stockholm is a breeze–they offer a high speed railway service that enters the station about ten feet from where the taxi drops you off. But like many things in Sweden, this classy door-to-door rail service doesn’t come cheap.

It costs about $32 one way to take this glide ride the twenty minutes from the city to the Arlanda airport.

When I departed Princeton NJ to go to Newark Airport, I had a similar experience. It was a driving snowstorm but I was safe and warm in the New Jersey Transit Train that goes right to the Newark Airport Monorail. It was during one of the worst snowstorms in years, and my traveling buddy had chosen to drive down from upstate New York. He ended up panicking and he parked–I kid you not–in the short term parking at Newark’s airport lot.

I suggested to him that he reserve a spot at Vista like I did the last time we flew out of Newark, but he didn’t. And when we come home he’ll be paying about $50 per day for his error. Oh well, at least he made his flight, and next time I hope he follows my advice!