Logan Parking ‘Only $18 a Day’

At Logan Airport in Boston, the people at Massport are in a Christmas moood, so they’re offering their ‘economy lot rate’ at their central parking garage.

You’ll save six bucks a day…but that still means a big hit of $18 for daily parking. Even though it’s a discount, smarter travelers should just go to the APR site and find an offsite parking lot where with a short shuttle ride, the cost drops to $16 a day.

It’s funny that they can actually get good press for ‘only’ charging $18 a day. I visited the APR site to find that the PreFlight self-park lot was already sold out for the peak holiday season, but the rate was less than $12 per day. No worries…you can visit a Park Sleep Fly Hotel like the HOliday Inn Logan, stay overnight to get an early flight, for just $149 including ten days of parking.

The Logan on-airport rate of $18 might seem like a bargain at this time of year, and sold out lots make that true. But for the rest of the year, when the reguar rates at the central garage go up, you’ll save a bundle by visiting APR first to reserve.