Ways to Kill Time at New York’s Airports

New York Magazine features an interesting article on how to kill time while waiting for a flight. Alec Applebaum has these recommendations, from their Nov. 4 issue.

You can buy a day pass for $25 to get into Delta’s Crown Room Club at JFK’s terminal 3. There you can get free snacks, use their WiFi, and have a cocktail. You can also go over to JetBlue and use free WiFi, and soon, Delta’s terminal will offer this too.

At the Oasis Day Spa at Jetblue’s terminal, you can get a pedicure, a haircut, or massage. At Delta’s newly renovated Terminal 2, there’s a jungle gym and a slide in case you’re traveling with kids.

At Newark, the article suggests again, buying your way into the Continental President’s Club. For $45 you can have some good wines, snacks and comfy couches to recline on instead of plastic hard chairs. There is a pharmacy here too, located at Gate 91. It’s open until 6:30 pm.

At LaGuardia, you can get a daypass for the United Red Carpet Club for $50. Here they offer a view of the security checkpoints so you can see how long the lines will be and time your exit accordingly. The author says that the best place to work is the Marine Air Terminal with a row of Macs and charging stations.