TripTV Let’s You See the View Out the Hotel Window

Are there times when you’ve booked a hotel room and remained unsure if it was the right choice? Have you ever been so surprised and outraged that you wanted to sue or some other site that sent you to a terrible hotel room?

This happened to me last winter when en route to New Zealand we stopped in LA for an overnight. I had chosen a cheap hotel and as we drove down Melrose, further and further away from LAX, it dawned on me that I had no idea of what this hotel would be like. Cindy took one look at the room and said ‘No Way!’ So we got into a very expensive cab and drove to Marina del Rey to a very comfy and nice Sheraton.

I met a two men from Europe who are launching a new website that shows video of hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, and the view from hotel room windows. The site is called Trip TV, and it will provide thousands of views of the important parts of the hotel. The exterior, for instance, which is rarely shown in the hotel’s own videos. They shoot these professional videos, cut down professionally so that there are quick views and no long pauses, and they offer the DVDs to the hotels for free. The company gets a cut of the hotel booking revenues…and so far they’ve gotten a great reaction from travelers.

So the next time you are thinking of booking a hotel, maybe you can see it first at