Virgin Offers ‘In Car Check In’ –Whodathunk?

A couple we traveled with this summer to Italy flew over on Virgin, and they got pairs of pajamas from their business class cabin that they wore later in the week, they loved it! Impressed too were they with the movie selections and stand up lounge.

E-Turbo News included some news about Virgin Atlantic, some people’s idea of their favorite airline. Virgin Atlantic has unveiled a new lounge for business and Upper Class passengers at London Heathrow Airport. It’s part of a multi-million pound redevelopment of Terminal 3 that is going on at the same time as the construction of the new Terminal 5.

The airline aims to offer the world’s fastest departure service in its new Upper Class Wing, with passengers offered In-Car Check-in as they are about to leave home or office in a Virgin Atlantic dedicated limousine. The In-Car Check-in service is operated in cooperation with Virgin’s limousine service partner, Tristar Worldwide, and passengers are greeted on arrival at Heathrow with their boarding cards and baggage labels already prepared.

“Our new Upper Class Wing will enable our business passengers to fly through check-in, whiz through security and lounge in the Clubhouse,” said Virgin Atlantic CEO Steve Ridgway. “At last, they can speed through Terminal 3 within minutes. It will be a fast, efficient and stress-free experience, which will save precious time at the airport. It will be very quick and refreshing for our travelers, compared with other airlines.”