British Airways Has a Plan….But So Does the FAA

Want to know the biggest issue that concerns airlines right about now? It is the government’s effort to limit flights out of the most congested airports–JFK, LaGuardia, and O’Hare. The FAA is determined to cut down on the ridiculous amount of late flights that all come from one thing…well two if you consider weather as one. It’s the number of flights that the airlines are scheduling between 3 pm and 9 pm.

In New York’s JFK, a mandate has already been thrown down. The airlines must move more flights to earlier or later departure times, but British Airways, the largest overseas airline at JFK has plans to launch a NEW AIRLINE!

The lucrative path between London and New York is making all airlines want to increase flights on this route. So BA wants to bump it up from 51 to 55 weekly. That’s just for British Air. There is no way that the FAA will just sit back and allow the Brits to push even more flights during the same crowded time. But the restrictions, of course, are voluntary.

It’s the Open Skies initiative that is making so many airlines around the world expand their routes. This has led to new Delta flights to China and hundreds of more flights from the US to Europe. It’s an exciting time….but the famous JFK congestion puts a damper on the excitement.