Basically, Everything Costs Extra in the Sky

Fee, Fee, woe is me. Jason R. Rich writes in today’s NY Daily News about the many fees that airlines are levying to try to squeeze more money out of each passenger mile. If you want to avoid them, just bring a laptop DVD, a pillow, some food, drink, lightweight baggage and a blanket. And remember to reserve your parking at Airport Parking Reservations too!

Some fees and charges to expect when heading into the skies:
$300-$500 a year if you want to chill out in an airline’s VIP lounge. A one-day guest pass will cost $50-$75.

$100 to cash in frequent flier miles if you do it at the last minute. If you wind up not using the ticket, or change your itinerary, it might cost another $100 to redeposit the miles into your account.

$50-$85 to fly with a small dog in an underseat carrier. Bring along a child under age 2 to sit on your lap and you’ll pay 10% of the adult fare.

$25-$50 if your checked bags weigh more than 50 pounds each. There’s also an extra fee for any passenger who checks more than two bags or whose bags are considered oversized. Golf clubs, skis and some musical instruments are considered oversized baggage.

$5 for a box of snacks, including a piece of fruit, a cookie and a teensy bag of pretzels. Most airlines still give you soda, juice or water for free, though.

$5 for on-demand movies, if your airline even has them.

$5 for a fleece blanket and inflatable pillow on JetBlue. If you want comfort and warmth gratis, you can get a lower-quality blanket and pillow.

$2-$3 a bag if you want to save time and your back with curbside check-in. The baggage attendant will also expect something for his trouble.