APR Blog Picked As One of the Best for Travelers

Kudos came in today for this humble blog, and it pleased me. Travelhacker selected the top 100 blogs for business Travelers and among the blogs selected for ‘plane information’ was our Airport Parking Blog. We are happy to have made the cut!

Here are some of the other useful and well written travel blogs selected to be on this list by categories, selected by Laura Milligan.

General: Smartbusinesstravel.com “read about travel news, get tips on booking hotels and occupying your downtime, or find out how to stay in touch with loved ones while you’re away.”

Hotels: Hotelchatter.com “Check hotel prices, read reviews, and find contact information for any hotel in the world. This blog also posts fun stories about featured hotels.”

Plane Information: Airport Parking Blog “Find information about parking at major airports and read up on general travel tips and news.”

The Americas Travel: US Visa Information. “If you or someone you know is traveling to the US, check this site for official information.”

European Travel: Eurocheap.com “A must-visit site for any traveler on a budget. Find out how to fly, stay and survive in Europe on the cheap.”

Asian Travel: Bootsnall Tokyo/Japan “Search by region to find the best spots in Japan whether you’re a first-time tourist or a regular visitor.”