Traveler’s Tip: Cellphones at JFK

We arrived in New York last night after a long flight from Pisa, Italy. We had parked our car with the great folks at Airpark, who offer off-airport parking at JFK, La Guardia and Newark. The nice thing about this place is that they bring your car right out front, and put your luggage in for you. The car is ready and you just take off, no waiting and searching and finding.

After a nine-hour flight, this sure beats taking the endless monorail out of the terminal to the far outskirts of Lefferts Boulevard, and then trying to find your car after dragging your luggage over miles of parking lot. The cost is only a few bucks more, but losing this hassle is priceless.

When we got to the airport and cleared customs, it was time to phone Airpark to let them know we were ready to be picked up. That seems easy, but unfortunately, when you try to use your cellphone in the terminal three arrivals area, there is no phone reception! Then if you try to go outside and up the ramp to daylight, there are planes revving their engines. I phoned Airpark and despite shouting into the phone, there was just no way to hear what the man was telling me. Frustrated, I went back inside and tried to call, but again, no reception. It must be those thick walls.

It would have made sense for us to phone Airpark from upstairs where there is better cell reception. We finally got through, and thankfully, they arrived right away. Next time we won’t wait to call.