The Good People in the Parking Business at JFK

We recently had a good experience at Air Park, one of the private lots serving JFK, and it is worth sharing on this blog. That is because parking, well, it is like newspaper delivery — you only hear about when you don’t get the paper, and not the times you do. We showed up at Air Park on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. The lot was full — so full that cars were being stored on the street until slots opened up for them in the lot. Six cars deep, a nightmare for an operator, but the people were helpful and nice. We met the woman in reception and she was very pleasant, despite being bombarded by so many customers all at the same time.

We took the shuttle to the airport and then, gulp, realized we had left one of our small bags in the car. “No problema.” The driver made one stop then took us right back to the lot, we retrieved the bag and we were soon ready to go. But at that time we learned something about holiday weekends: you need to reserve! A woman boarded the bus wearing a JetBlue uniform and she was told she was not in the computer. So she had to take her bags off and choose another lot. We were glad that we had reserved ahead because we had no problems.

But we easily made our flight and the folks at Air Park were helpful and friendly. Jim Speero runs a good lot and like the newspapers that come on time, he needs to be appreciated for it.