Orbitz Lets Real Travelers Share the Real Info

Orbitz, a booking site created by five major airlines, has recently reinvented itself for the new ‘Web 2.0’ era and they have added an interesting twist: allowing regular travelers to contribute to the travel information they provide on their website.

A demonstration of OrbitzTLC Traveler Update is available on http://www.orbitz.com, through the OrbitzTLC navigation tab. After travelers select their chosen airport from a list of 40+ major airports in the United States, OrbitzTLC users can get instant access to key travel information including:

— Real Time Traveler Update — Postings of real-time travel conditions and insider tips provided by actual travelers.

— Traffic — Offers real-time traffic information, including traffic times, delays, accident reports and construction updates. Travelers can also send in traffic updates.

— Airport/Flight Status — Shows flight status and any airport delays based on FAA data.

— Security Wait Time — Provides 30-day average security line wait times from the TSA, as well as updates on current wait times from fellow travelers at a chosen departing airport.

— Weather — Gives travelers the weather forecast and the latest weather conditions at the selected airport, provided by weather.com.

— Parking — Provides insight into various parking options at the selected airport, rated by both convenience and price by the OrbitzTLC Team.

— Wi-Fi — Informs travelers of Wi-Fi options available at the airport.

— Other Travel Tips — Useful advice from fellow travelers, such as favorite restaurants, quiet work spaces and any other insider advice.