Look Down and See a New Way to Advertise

Advertising schemes are always popping up, and I read recently about an ambitious way to capture the eyeballs of airplane passengers looking down. Reuters reports that a UK company will
begin placing painted adverts the size of three football pitches seen by plane passengers coming in to land.

Ad-Air launched its new service in London on Tuesday, offering brands the chance to place huge adverts near the runways of some of the world’s busiest runways.

Ad-Air, backed by 5 million pounds of private equity finance, said it had spent five years securing sites around the world’s busiest airports including Heathrow, Paris, Geneva, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Abu Dhabi.

The first advert will appear in Dubai next month.

Paul Jenkins, managing director of Ad-Air, said the adverts would appear in “clutter-free environments and moments free of any other commercial messages”. Operations Director Haakon Dewing told Reuters the adverts could develop to produce a moving image that starts each time a plane comes into sight.

The adverts, which are low to the ground and 20,000 square metres in size, will only be illuminated where local legislation allows.