Traveling from Toronto? Leave from Buffalo Instead!

Canadian travel tip: If possible, hop across the border and fly out of Buffalo instead of Toronto. A story in today’s Toronto Star by Iain Marlow reveals that many Torontonians already believe this, since 35 percent of all Buffalo airport travelers are Canadian. It’s increased from 10 percent a few years ago, and Buffalo airport spokesman Doug Hartmayer believes it will rise even more.

“The rapid rise in the Canadian dollar and the growing ease of internet bargain hunting–especially for prime destinations such as New York, Las Vegas and Florida–have made Buffalo bargainville, especially compared to Toronto’s Pearson, one of the most expensive airports in the world.

The story included a graph showing a savings of $585 for a trip to Alaska from Buffalo versus Pearson. Enough, the story joked, to buy copies of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and a good used .22 rifle, as well as bus tickets back home to Canada.

Las Vegas was an even bigger bargain. With the $763 in savings, a gambler could buy his Greyhound bus tickets home plus ride a Lincoln Town Car stretch limo to Buffalo and have hundreds left to spend on blackjack and Johnny Walker Green Label scotch.