San Francisco–A Great City for Southwest Airlines

Sitting in the window of the GoNOMAD Internet Cafe in South Deerfield, I read good news for shoppers in the Wall Street Journal. Southwest Airlines, the nation’s most famously frugal airline, has brought their service back to San Francisco after a six year hiatus. The airline will offer service to four cities: San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago and Los Angeles. They are now advertising SF-LAX for $39 each way, with 21-day advance purchase.

JetBlue, upstart Virgin America and Aer Lingus are among the other carriers who have recently parked their planes and left their hearts in the city by the bay. While Southwest flies out of the nearby Oakland airport, they were losing business because Bay Area flyers wanted to fly from the metro area’s biggest airport.

So good news for those of you who need to fly out of SFO. And while you’re looking at tickets, reserve your airport parking ahead of time by clicking the link.